BrowserID: online identity

Mozilla launched BrowserID, their own approach to online identity management, now largely dominated by Twitter, Facebook and at a lesser degree, Google.

BrowserID is said to be a descentralized identity system and a step aside from common identity providers. It aims at how you sign up and login in multiple sites using a single master login, and that you shouldn’t have to rely on a third party to manage it. In BrowserID, each user is in possesion of her/his own identity, and these identity credentials are stored in the browser, not in your Facebook account. Using BrowserID, you could have a personalized experience consistent across different sites. Yes, roughly the same thing that Facebook offers, but decentralized and with no strings attached.

For those interested in the geeky tech behind BrowserID, Lloyd Hilaiel wrote a post outlining how BrowserID works and assures that no third party connections are established.

Check the demo Mozilla released to sign up using BrowserID credentials and stay tuned on Mozilla’s Identity blog for more, for the dominant social networks won’t be arms crossed when someone wants to stole the ability to control how a user perceives a site.

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