20 single page websites for products

The product landing pages have been streamlined over the years to be simple yet providing a compelling experience to the potential buyer. The examples exhibited here showcase the product in one single page where buyers can find information about the product, testimonials, social proof and of course, a big fat button to buy the product!



Camera+ is a particularly cool iPhone app and the site doesn’t falls behind. One page might not be enough to showcase all the features in the app so they went with a nicely produced video that does the trick. Buy now button blends with the gray background, maybe it could stand out a little more.



Kyle Steed drew this icon set by hand and he even said that everything in the site is hand drawn in order to be consistent with the icons. The Pick One button is a bit obscure but as soon as you pick one option to buy you’re taken to PayPal to finish the purchase. Kyle uses Quixly to process the purchases.

0508 Records


Clothing websites are usually made up of several pages but this small shop goes straight to the point. Select a model, check the front and the back and buy it. The usually small thumbnails were replaced by huge images that show the product in all its glory.



Although duet doesn’t actually promote a product, ย the site has been carefully designed to make it very inviting and teasing. I’ve no idea what is duet about but I’ll give it a whirl as soon as it’s available (even if I uninstall it a couple of minutes later).

Make Faces


As trivial as an iPhone app to pimp your friends’ faces can be, this cool site is an excellent example of Webkit transition and transformations so make sure to visit it using a Webkit powered browser.

Social Icons


A very simple site for an even simpler yet useful product: 107 social network icons in vector format. Gedy uses Fetch to manage the online sales of the the icon set.



Still remember when I stumbled upon this app: looking for a way to wireframe on the iPad with tv output found this video, linked to the exact minute that brought a smile to my face. A cute way to have fun with your product that shows they have a great time doing this, and hey, everyone having a great time with his own product will make the best out of it, right? So I bought it and iMockup turned out to be an excellent app for wireframing, fast, reliable, compatible with Balsamiq and you can easily share or export the mockups.



A nice and clean design consistent with the app. The call-to-action button however, uses the protocol itms to launch the iTunes application, which in my case, didn’t. Maybe that’s why most app creators link the purchase button to the online page of iTunes.

Social Fries


Social Fries is an icon set encompassing most popular social networks that you can freely download and use. Pretty good and more than enough for icons, although it could include information about the format (.png) and include a explicit license.



Courier slick design is accompanied but an even slicker carousel using jQuery animations that includes not only screenshots but videos as well. In only one page, the designer offered enough information about the product and links to external resources that are part of the Courier ecosystem.

HTML5 Poster


Love it or hate it, HTML5 logo is here to stay although you have to agree that it is very distinctive. If you’re one of those who love it, this poster might be perfect for you.

Nivo Slider


Once the world’s most awesome jQuery slider, the Nivo website does a good job informing visitor about features and license (MIT, which is awesome), quite important given that it’s a free product. You might argue that Nivo has a tabbed panel with rather lengthy content that could be considered as pages on their own. Even so, it’s only one page.



The well known Helveticons for lovers of one of the most ubiquituous typefaces (like Mc Donald’s is ubiquituous in food). They offer a set of social icons but it requires attribution, as it’s bounded by Creative Commons BY license.

Freshy Icons


The beautiful Freshy icons by @karimartin received a nice page which is indeed fresh and clear. Sales of Freshy icons are managed through Pulley, a payment service of Big Cartel.

How to build a successful Blog Business


One of the lords of indie online publishing, Collis reveals his secrets in this book. The page couldn’t include more info to entice you into buying it.



A simple site for a paper toy that runs on WordPress.



There are more than 400 icons in the iconSweets2 set, carefully crafted, beautiful and free. They don’t require attribution and you can obtain them as Photoshop shape layers. The iconSweets set was created by Yummy gum, a web design studio from the Netherlands.

Tricycle Terror


The figure is no longer available for sale, but you can get a taste at this cool website. By Stolleart, with more awesome paintings and illustrations.

Mobile Web Design


A book on web design for mobile devices by Cameron Moll. Unlike other sites, purchase is not instantaneous, but you are rather taken to another page to select the delivery format. They took advantage of this second page to include payment methods accepted.

Biking Boss


Finally, a fun page set up by Inventis, a web design agency located in Belgium, to send their boss to north cape! Perfect example of single page websites for products: clear information, engaging and a visible call-to-action button. In this case, the Like button, which Inventis calls to click to make his boss suffer! Now that’s a cool boss ๐Ÿ˜€

Know of any other cool single page websites designed specifically to promote a product? leave the link in the comments!

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