Best web design resources of July 2011

A little late, yes, but here’s the July round up of some cool web design resources like a voting system for HTML 5 videos, an introduction to HTML 5 canvas, why Google doesn’t take meta keywords into account, free icons and more.

General Resources

Vote on HTML 5 videos with jQuery

A nice system implemented in HTML5 to score votes on a video so you can gather feedback about them.

Test your visitors’ memory

Test how much people remembers about your website with this easy to use online quiz generator.

CSS3 properties generator

Generate almost every CSS3 property with this visual tool.

jQuery Mobile Slider for touch devices

This slider for mobile sites will work on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Now there’s no excuse to not to add a slider to the mobile version of your site. Photo Swipe has been conveniently released under the MIT license.

Carousel for responsive layouts

Now that everything in the web just has to be responsive, here’s a strong carousel for your responsive layout.

Free Real State Icons

Brian Gardner’s StudioPress offers some neat real state icons.

Pokemon Icons

Yeah, these look superb for an avatar and you can mix shapes to create your own.

Social Icons

Pack of 35 social icons including Twitter, Facebook with the PSD source file included. It’s time to start including Google+ in these icon packs.

Online tools

Identify fonts

Now that fonts are no longer limited to Arial and Verdana, this bookmarklet will be handy to quickly identify the fonts used in a website.

BrowserID: single signon identity

BrowserID is Mozilla’s response to online identity. It operates in a descentralized way and is stored in your computer browser.


Introduction to HTML5 Canvas

Rob Hawkes for .net magazine gives an introduction to the basics of HTML 5 canvas element.

Google doesn’t uses meta keywords

Joost de Valk went over the topic of meta keywords: are they really used or not by search engines? He embedded a video where Matt Cutts says that Google doesn’t use meta keywords.

WordPress Plugins

Syntax colouring for WordPress

Ever felt the need for some syntax colouring in WordPress code editor?

Shortcodes Pro

Matt Varone released the Shortcodes Pro plugin for free: you can create your own shortcodes and assign the code they will execute without leaving the WordPress Admin.


Illustration and lettering

Awesome artwork by Karan Singh, an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, who creates artwork for clients like Nike, Computer Arts and MTV.

New Typography blog

The Case & Point is a new blog encompassing typography and lettering curated by Working Format.

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