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Web Design Resources for October 2011

September left behind many good resources about typography, iOS development and more responsive stuff. These are the resources on the web for October 2011.

Start using the PayPal API now…/getting-started-with-the-paypal-api/

SM published this interesting article on the nuts and bolts of working (and suffering) with the PayPal API and how to integrate it in your online store.

Responsive Grid for browser

The Heads-Up grid is a grid intended for developers working with responsive sites. It’s a jQuery plugin that you load on your page to display a configurable, responsive grid.

jQuery plugin for Fluid Videos embed

FitVids works with any solution you use to place videos in your web page.

Working with CSS3’s background-size property

Get started with the new background-size property in CSS3, its values and modifiers like contain, cover.

Pay-what-you-want fonts

Lost Type offers quality fonts on a pay-what-you-want basis or directly for free. Some of these fonts include hinting for proper visualization in web browsers so you can use them with @font-face.

3D Slider with jQuery

Slicebox is a nice 3D slider that makes use of Webkit’s transformations. A simple yet classy fallback is provided for non Webkit browsers.

Typography magazine

Typetoken is a recent newcomer to the typography scene. Encompasses font reviews, typographic artwork inspiration, news and articles. Typetoken is meant to be user-powered so they have started accepting submissions to showcase type graphics or new fonts on the magazine.

Letterings by Marcelo Schultz

Marcelo is a brazilian artist that creates some beautifully complex letterings.

iOS Boilerplate

Last month we had the release of HTML5 Boilerplate 2.0 and now we have the counterpart for iOS apps. While it’s not a framework, it’s a foundation to build your apps on top of it. Includes routines to manage images, table views, maps and so on.


Dominique Falla

Dominique is an artist gone designer and worked with clients such as Coca Cola, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Sydney Acquarium. She creates some beautiful letterings using both traditional media and digital tools.

Graphic Resources

Mimi Glyphs

Jeremy Sallee designed these 40 icons for free that you can use in personal or commercial projects. They are offered in vector format so they can be easily scaled.

12px glyphs

Facundo Gonzalez released a free icon set with 81 icons until now, completely built with shape layers for better editability and scaling.


Optimizing WordPress permalinks by Jeff Starr

CSS Takes Over the World by Jonathan Snook
Responsive web design is boring! by Jonathan Longnecker

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