Comindware: project tracking and collaboration

Design teams nowadays may be located in different parts of the world. Online collaboration tools make their common work easy and efficient, as if they were all sitting in the same open-space.

Nowadays technology rules the world: it has become possible to order a designer work from another country and get the job done quicker and cheaper. Members of a design team may never see each other. What means do we use to communicate? Most commonly, this is email, Skype, msn, telephone. But the problem about such communication is that it creates a huge flow of “work about work”. Your project is split into multiple emails, files, conversation. To get the picture of what your current project is, becomes an additional task and unnecessarily takes your time.
Online collaboration tools appeared out of this need to put order while working on a project that produces a lot of discussions around itself. First teams that started to use them were software development teams and soon other industries started to adapt new business communication tool. Designer teams should be amongst the first ones to take a look at the innovation.

Comindware Task Management is a free edition you can use to help your team today. Create a task, for instance “Create logo for company AAA”. This main task may be your project name. Then create any number of subtasks you need to perform for getting this project done, and assign those tasks to members of your team. For instance Mike goes to the AAA company to get their requirements. Pauline goes to China because they want a logo based on some elements of Chinese epos and she will gather material there. Peter gets reports from Mike and Pauline and starts creating a logo draft. And so on. You will have discussions upon every of those tasks and multiple files will appear. Attach files to the task directly, discuss in the discussion field: all the relevant members of the team will be able to see the discussion feed. Like this, you will have all the information upon the project and the steps of its performing in one place. As all the information is stored in cloud, it is available to all of the members of your team at any time.

Mostly when we have some set up working processes when before the work is shown to the client, it has to be approved by other members of the team and, sometimes, it’s sent back for improvements. With Comindware Tracker you can dress up such process in a graphical builder: you don’t need any programming knowledge or learn how to do it.

Simply drag and drop the elements of your scheme, and the process is perfectly ready. You working process can be anything:  suppose, you make business cards with some special cut. Include 3 people in the process: the designer, the publisher and yourself as the supervisor of the project “Create cut-out business cards for company AAA”.  The designer makes a concept and sends it to you for approval and to the publisher for the answer if he can do it. You or the publisher may return it to the designer for improvement. When the design gets your approval, you order business cards from the publisher and thus your project is done. The process is controlled automatically by Comindware Tracker and you and other members of your team get all the communication in the form of emails. But those emails have strict relation to each other depending on the project they are relevant to. Once one member of the team gets his task done, the next related team member automatically gets next task: no time wasting, no unnecessary efforts. Whether your project meets deadlines is also controlled by the system.

It may sound a bit complicated as it is indeed something new. Well, just some years ago Skype was something new too. Now we use it almost everywhere just because it helps us. Comindware solutions help teams communicate and collaborate efficiently over working projects. You will be able to try everything yourself after the upcoming release of the Comindware solution. For now the subscription for the trial is open.

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