The author of the Lobster typeface seeks funding in Kickstarter

Pablo Impallari is best known for his Lobster font, one of the first typefaces freely available when Google Web Fonts launched. He is now seeking funds in Kickstarter for a new typeface project.

Pablo submitted a project to Kickstarter to design and implement Fast Brush Script as a full web font that will be available to use on your websites using the Google Web Fonts service.

Here’s what Pablo has to say about the font:

By avoiding typographical perfection, it stays more natural. The angles of the vertical strokes vary a little, and the positioning along the baseline jumps around, giving it a more rustic and natural feeling.

Most script fonts have long ascenders and descenders, and this means they look too small when used at normal sizes on the web. I will optimize this font in the technical details to be very readable as a web font, even when used as small as at 16 pixels.

The font will be hand-hinted by Google type experts so expect a high quality and beautiful script font to use on your sites.

Pablo Impallari can be reached at or by following @pabloimpallari on Twitter.

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