WordPress.com for Google Docs

Install & configure

To install and start using this service, go to Google Docs store, and add it, it’s free.


Once you’re in your Google Docs, click Add-ons and you’ll see WordPress.com there. Go into the menu and click Open.


You’ll just have to authorize access to your WordPress.com account.

Composing and saving

Once it’s ready, you’ll get a bar with your blogs to choose where you want to take the current document


You can start writing and when you’re ready, click Save Draft to take it into WordPress.com. The post will be saved as draft so don’t worry about publishing accidentally. Once you save it, you’ll get a link to preview the post in your site.


You can continue writing and when you want to update it, click the Update Draft button.

Headings and other typographic elements

You can use HTML tags to define headings, but an easier way is with Markdown. If you have Markdown enabled in your Jetpack connected site (it’s always on on WordPress.com), you can type your heading in a single line and prepending it with hashes from # to ###### to set the size of headings from larger to smaller respectively. Check this Markdown quick reference in WordPress.com to learn more about it. It’s really fast way to compose your content.


Once it’s ready for publishing, give it the finishing touches in WordPress.com, like filing it under a category, tag it or add a featured image and once you’re ready, publish it.

I composed this post using this service and it’s very straightforward to use. It’s a nice addition that gives users the freedom to choose the composing tool that makes them feel more comfortable.

This project, as others from Automattic, is free and open source and you can find the code on GitHub https://github.com/Automattic/google-docs-add-on.

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