Resources to learn and work with Deno

10 great resources to learn and work with Deno

While Deno 1.0 was launched recently, there are already a lot of resources from tutorials to components to unofficial Docker images to videos, cheat sheets, and more. Let’s review some fresh resources to learn and work with Deno!

A concise introduction to Deno

Complete walkthrough that covers from what is Deno and why learning it to explaining its sandbox, creating a web server, detailing Node.js-equivalent packages, and finally creating a complete CRUD with Deno to update a list of dogs.

Chat App with Deno and WebSockets

Simple chat build with Deno that’s a great starting point to see how to work with WebSockets in Deno.

Create your first Deno module

Learn how to setup your Deno development environment, prepare your tooling, configure your CI to run a range of Deno version, and finally deploy and distribute your new package on GitHub.

Deno support for VSCode


Use this extension so Visual Studio Code becomes aware of Deno modules and their paths and can resolve them.

REST API with Deno and Oak

No list of Deno resources would be complete without including a project with Oak, similar to Express on Node.js: build a RESTful CRUD app with Oak, the middleware framework for Deno’s HTTP server, similar to what Express is for Node.js.

Deno cheat sheet

This is a great Deno resource, since this reference covers run options, standard libraries, testing, subcommands, environment variables and much more.

Run Deno in Docker

Run Deno without installing it locally. Begin by writing a simple web server in Deno, and later create a Docker image based on it.

Discord library for Deno

This is an extensive Discord API library wrapper in Deno.

Writing a Twitter client with Deno

Build a server that handles requests to fetch tweets, using the server included in Deno’s standard library.

Deno crash course

An extensive 52 min crash course on Deno where you’ll write a full REST API using Oak as middleware.

Your turn

Got some cool Deno resources? Leave it in the comments below! See other articles we have with resources for development, Deno, and TypeScript.

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