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Hi there! I’m Elio, a software engineer currently working for Reconnect, who formerly worked at Automattic and Themify.

My journey on the Internet started on 2007, when I started using WordPress, the content management system that runs 33% of the web. On 2008, I started a design blog (that I closed a few years ago) called I Love Colors, that gained a lot of recognition due to its design. I wrote on Smashing Magazine, won contests, gave away icons and other stuff in Tutorial9, got interviewed in Noupe, wrote for a WP book and a bunch of other things.

I’ve been involved with WordPress for more than a decade, and during that time, I’ve:

Right now I’m working at Reconnect, a company that aims to reduce recidivism, incarceration and addiction.

Whenever I’m not coding, I love traveling, hiking, and generally spend spend time in the countryside. My current hobby is photography, and you can see some of the photos I made here and also follow me on Instagram or subscribe to the YouTube channel I’m starting.

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