5 private social networks for collaboration

Truth be told, the current web is strongly focused in social with sharing and collaboration as one of the most sought-after values in a web application. If you like the idea of sharing stuff with friends and co-workers but need just a little more privacy than the offered by apps like Twitter, Facebook and Google what-was-that-name-oh-yeah-plus, read on to discover 5 private social networks that might have gone under your radar.

Design & illustration by Bonnie Clas

Bonnie Clas is a talented designer based in New York with a portfolio full of gorgeous lettering artworks and illustrations. She currently works as a freelance designer at Oak New York/Apartment One, a branding agency located in Brooklyn. Habana Typeface You can get the Habana font from Lost Type by paying what you want or simply for… Continue reading Design & illustration by Bonnie Clas

The Noun Project: Free Everyday Symbols

The NounProject is devoted to collect and express the most recognizable symbols of different societies in a visual way through free icons. The Noun Project states that they are on a mission "sharing, celebrating and enhancing the world's visual language" The content has been translated to 24 languages so you can find icons in your… Continue reading The Noun Project: Free Everyday Symbols

CSS 3 Gradients Generator

Colorzilla, best known for the Firefox extension to pick colors in a web page, released an excellent tool to create cross browser CSS 3 gradients with a polished interface and the ability to upload images to create the gradients. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator makes it really easy to create gradients by not only providing a slick… Continue reading CSS 3 Gradients Generator

Se7en free desktop and web fonts

Fonts are the soul of every design so here we have seven free fonts, some offered as downloads for desktop and others offered as web fonts. Unisans The Girl Next Door FF World Wide Web by FontShop Jokal Banda by¬†typedepot Paper Johnny Created by Stefanie Koerner from pheist.net, this font has a distinctive look like… Continue reading Se7en free desktop and web fonts

iconSweets: more than 1000 free minimal icons

The number of icons in this two free icon sets adds up to more than 1000 icons, and in this case, quantity goes with quality. These gorgeous icons were designed by Yummygum, a design studio based in Amsterdam. Here's a quick preview of the first set of iconSweets And here's an incomplete preview of iconSweets2,… Continue reading iconSweets: more than 1000 free minimal icons