Grafitti artist Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes is a grafitti artist living and painting in San Francisco. He's a member of the popular grafitti group, MSK. You can find more Reyes artwork at funkandjazz gallery at Flickr, just follow the link below the image pointed to a search of Reyes' pictures in his gallery Reyes pictures by funkandjazz ยป

Alex Trochut redesigns. Includes new artworks!

Alex Trochut, the well known lettering and type artist from Spain, redesigned his site and included some new and astounding works of type illustrations and some new incursions on other fields. Here's a couple of samples of his artworks See more letterings and other artwork of Alex at

Create your mood boards with Olioboard

This app must have been around for some but it was not only until today that I discovered. Olioboard is a web app to create your own design mood boards, specifically targeted to interior designers. It's free and there are already a lot of incredibly beautiful and inspiring mood boards. Olioboard features a drag and… Continue reading Create your mood boards with Olioboard