Bounce: share a site for annotation

Bounce allows you to grab a screenshot to annotate it. You can then share it with the world. To have fun annotating, you must only drag a selection area above some portion that you want to annotate. You can post it to Twitter (eternal classic), Facebook (which is so 2010 and boring), or copy the link… Continue reading Bounce: share a site for annotation

PressWork: HTML5 WordPress Framework

PressWork is an HTML5 framework to build WordPress themes, including a drag & drop construction system. The following video showcases the front end editor where you can completely change the layout of your website in a visual fashion In addition to the HTML5 and CSS3 properties usage, PressWork includes a module to tweak your… Continue reading PressWork: HTML5 WordPress Framework

WordPress 3.3 Admin UI will be responsive

Jane Wells appointed Sara Cannon as leader of the project to convert WordPress UI into a responsive layout. According from the conversation, the project will take into account not only small screens like those of iPad, iPhone, Xoom and others, but large monitors with big screen resolutions as well. Sara Cannon is an artist and… Continue reading WordPress 3.3 Admin UI will be responsive

Ampersand in the AppStore

Although it's simply a showcase app, the gorgeous ampersands collected are worth the download. It's free, so why not? Here's a screenshot The app shows the normal variant when the iPad is in portrait orientation and the italic variant when you tilt and put the iPad in landscape orientation. It's a tiny detail that makes… Continue reading Ampersand in the AppStore