Index Book – Typo Latino Typo Latino is a publication where we showcase the work of emerging typographers as well as established type designers from across the globe. What differentiates Typo Latino from other font books is that we feature typefaces, outline the process of constructing them and provide short explanations from the authors on the formal characteristics or… Continue reading Index Book – Typo Latino

Design & illustration by Bonnie Clas

Bonnie Clas is a talented designer based in New York with a portfolio full of gorgeous lettering artworks and illustrations. She currently works as a freelance designer at Oak New York/Apartment One, a branding agency located in Brooklyn. Habana Typeface You can get the Habana font from Lost Type by paying what you want or simply for… Continue reading Design & illustration by Bonnie Clas

Best web design resources of June 2011

Here's the round up of fresh web design resources for June 2011! we have icon sets, CSS3 tools, web typography, Chrome Extensions for Google Web Fonts and WordPress resources. General web design Mobile app mockups Mokk is a simple but effective web app to quickly mock... well, other web apps. Mokk focuses on mocking… Continue reading Best web design resources of June 2011

Sudtipos’ Poem Script video specimen Sudtipos recently released a new beautiful typeface, Poem Script, which is the first of their typefaces to include a video specimen. Poem Script received a Certificate of Excellence at the Type Directors Club. Of course, Poem Script also has the usual print specimen in pdf format and you can find more information about the… Continue reading Sudtipos’ Poem Script video specimen

Se7en free desktop and web fonts

Fonts are the soul of every design so here we have seven free fonts, some offered as downloads for desktop and others offered as web fonts. Unisans The Girl Next Door FF World Wide Web by FontShop Jokal Banda by┬átypedepot Paper Johnny Created by Stefanie Koerner from, this font has a distinctive look like… Continue reading Se7en free desktop and web fonts

10 Free fonts for web and graphic design

Here we go with another round up of some cool fonts for your web and graphic designs. Some of these fonts are free for personal use only while others are free for both personal and commercial use. Dock11 Panefresco Sombrero Cony Flowmotion Aldo Comic Jens Wombat YAA!… Continue reading 10 Free fonts for web and graphic design

33 free typefaces for graphic and web design

It's now the turn to go back over the various free fonts for design reviewed on ilovecolors during 2010. But we also have 5 new sleek typefaces available for free like the gorgeous Franchise font displayed above to start this 2011 with all the type! Folk Karmaform Franchise PT Serif Basic… Continue reading 33 free typefaces for graphic and web design

Free fonts for design

Another week comes to an end and we have another selection of free fonts for your design work. We have two condensed beauties, Stahlbeton and Melbourn, one of them bold and the other one delicate, plus a cool geometric font, Nevis, and one slick serifed typeface, Jura. Stahlbeton Nevis Jura Melbourne… Continue reading Free fonts for design