20 single page websites for products

The product landing pages have been streamlined over the years to be simple yet providing a compelling experience to the potential buyer. The examples exhibited here showcase the product in one single page where buyers can find information about the product, testimonials, social proof and of course, a big fat button to buy the product!… Continue reading 20 single page websites for products

Think Quarterly

Google appears to be entering the world of publishing with a book they've sending to major advertisers and partners in UK:¬†Think Quarterly. They claim they have no plans to start massively selling copies but the electronic version can be accessed in the site although it requires... Flash? wtf?? Anyway, here's the electronic version for your… Continue reading Think Quarterly

Review of “The Blue Lady’s New Look And Other Curiosities” book

jkr, a London-based creative agency, published an anthology book of their Design Gazette blog encompassing design, marketing and how they intertwine with today's culture. The book's name is "the blue lady's new look and other curiosities" and they have kindly gifted me a copy so I wanted to share my thoughts on this good book which is not only very interesting if you're in the field, it is, as most good things are, entertaining and even fun to read.

Geometric book + 100 pattern fonts

This¬†geometric-book by Kapitza sisters is a visual delight. Not only the book has those beautiful colors and geometric patterns but tutorials as well. There's a companion cd with 100 geometric pattern fonts, an amazing resource and inspiration as well for every designer. Kapitza, an East London based agency design is run by sisters Nicole &… Continue reading Geometric book + 100 pattern fonts