Firefox Aurora introduces native developer tools

Firefox Aurora, the Firefox releases channel with the newest innovations now includes the new development tools so developers can inspect and tweak a web page's HTML and CSS, accessing console, logs and even a nice feature called Scratchpad, to write JavaScript on the fly and execute it. For a long time most developers relied on… Continue reading Firefox Aurora introduces native developer tools

BrowserID: online identity Mozilla launched BrowserID, their own approach to online identity management, now largely dominated by Twitter, Facebook and at a lesser degree, Google. BrowserID is said to be a descentralized identity system and a step aside from common identity providers. It aims at how you sign up and login in multiple sites using a single… Continue reading BrowserID: online identity

10 alternative browsers for iPad

What was supposed to be a simple search for a simple browser for iPad that would allow for HTML inspection turned into something pretty interesting due to all the capabilities these browsers for iPad have, from Dropbox saving to tabs to collaboration and of course, source code inspection. So here's a quick round up of… Continue reading 10 alternative browsers for iPad

Pocket guide to HTML5 and Video

There's currently a lot of hype on the web regarding HTML 5 and its relationship with open (or not) standards video. Ogg, Theora, WebM, Vorbis, VP8. All these new terms are part of these new world of possibilities brought by HTML 5 and the inclusion of the video tag. In this guide we will explore how to encode a video in a format suitable for HTML 5 delivery, how to insert this video in our web page and what are the video players currently available.