eBay acquires Magento

eBay agreed today to buy Magento, the impressive suite of e-commerce. The Magento blog states that eBay is evolving to become a strategic commerce partner (...). As a centerpiece of this strategy, they are building a global, open commerce platform that leverages the worldwide developer community. And Magento will be at the core of this new,… Continue reading eBay acquires Magento

Add a character counter for the excerpt in WordPress

The excerpt is great for magazine sites where only a small bunch of words can be displayed on the home page. However, the lack of a character counting functionality for the field makes it hard to know how many you already typed in. In this tutorial we will learn how to easily add a character counter for the excerpt.

Featured posts slider in WordPress using sticky posts and jQuery

A friend asked the other day how to create a featured posts section without using plugins, since most of WordPress plugins that you can find to create featured posts are a bit bloated, which isn't neccesarily bad, since plugins authors try to address almost every situation in order to provide a more useful plugin. The… Continue reading Featured posts slider in WordPress using sticky posts and jQuery

Using WordPress to build iPhone and Facebook apps

Brad Williams, CEO of WebDevStudios recently spoke at WordCamp Philly showing how they used WordPress as the platform for an iPhone and a Facebook application. You can see the slides below: http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=spooky-wordpress-final-101031161712-phpapp02&stripped_title=spooky-wordpress-disturbingly-brilliant-uses-of-wp-5628086&userName=williamsba Watch the presentation on SlideShare Spooky WordPress: Disturbingly Brilliant Uses of WP