Huge collection of Aptana 3 themes

If Aptana is (still) your IDE of choice, check this gallery of colorization themes.

How to add a color picker to your WordPress plugin or theme

One of the most useful options for a user of a WordPress theme or plugin is to be able to change and stylize the appearance and the colors of the output produced. In this tutorial we will learn how to add a color picker in the settings page of a plugin using the Farbtastic jQuery… Continue reading How to add a color picker to your WordPress plugin or theme

CSS 3 Gradients Generator

Colorzilla, best known for the Firefox extension to pick colors in a web page, released an excellent tool to create cross browser CSS 3 gradients with a polished interface and the ability to upload images to create the gradients. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator makes it really easy to create gradients by not only providing a slick… Continue reading CSS 3 Gradients Generator

Create your mood boards with Olioboard

This app must have been around for some but it was not only until today that I discovered. Olioboard is a web app to create your own design mood boards, specifically targeted to interior designers. It's free and there are already a lot of incredibly beautiful and inspiring mood boards. Olioboard features a drag and… Continue reading Create your mood boards with Olioboard

Seven online color tools for design

Ever wanted to get some colors to match that brilliant green from your client's logo? Picking up the right color is not an easy task. Thankfully, there are some online tools that can be helpful when looking for the right color. These 7 tools will help you to get the right color. Each of these… Continue reading Seven online color tools for design