Monitor the media queries of your responsive theme in WordPress

With responsive design gaining more momentum every day and WordPress as the most popular CMS around it is only natural to develop more tools to ease our life developing with it. Here you'll find a simple tool so you can always keep an eye on which media query is currently in use in WordPress, using… Continue reading Monitor the media queries of your responsive theme in WordPress

Best web design resources of June 2011

Here's the round up of fresh web design resources for June 2011! we have icon sets, CSS3 tools, web typography, Chrome Extensions for Google Web Fonts and WordPress resources. General web design Mobile app mockups Mokk is a simple but effective web app to quickly mock... well, other web apps. Mokk focuses on mocking… Continue reading Best web design resources of June 2011

How to add TinyMCE to textarea meta boxes in WordPress

Maybe one of the key factors in WordPress wild adoption, was the fact of the inclusion of TinyMCE, the rich text editor, for less tech-savvy users. Even ExpressionEngine, a paid CMS, doesn't include a rich text editor out-of-the-box. Moreover, you can add TinyMCE for your textareas in plugins or theme settings pages! In this tutorial… Continue reading How to add TinyMCE to textarea meta boxes in WordPress

The Noun Project: Free Everyday Symbols

The NounProject is devoted to collect and express the most recognizable symbols of different societies in a visual way through free icons. The Noun Project states that they are on a mission "sharing, celebrating and enhancing the world's visual language" The content has been translated to 24 languages so you can find icons in your… Continue reading The Noun Project: Free Everyday Symbols

iconSweets: more than 1000 free minimal icons

The number of icons in this two free icon sets adds up to more than 1000 icons, and in this case, quantity goes with quality. These gorgeous icons were designed by Yummygum, a design studio based in Amsterdam. Here's a quick preview of the first set of iconSweets And here's an incomplete preview of iconSweets2,… Continue reading iconSweets: more than 1000 free minimal icons

33 free typefaces for graphic and web design

It's now the turn to go back over the various free fonts for design reviewed on ilovecolors during 2010. But we also have 5 new sleek typefaces available for free like the gorgeous Franchise font displayed above to start this 2011 with all the type! Folk Karmaform Franchise PT Serif Basic… Continue reading 33 free typefaces for graphic and web design

5 Pack Holiday Layer Styles

Publishing with Tutorial9 in the past has been a great experience: David Leggett is a grea guy and he gives you complete creative freedom, resulting in works like the Cute Critters and the Watercolor icons. Today T9 published my Holiday Layer Styles to enrich your designs for this season! Thanks Tutorial9! See the preview below,… Continue reading 5 Pack Holiday Layer Styles