Fix iframe overflow on iPad (and other touch devices)

First, we need to check if this is a touch device, regardless if it's an iPhone, iPad, Droid or Galaxy. One thing they have in common, is the TouchEvent event. So we'll write a small function to test if it exists in this device. /** * Test if touch event exists * @returns {Boolean} True… Continue reading Fix iframe overflow on iPad (and other touch devices)

5 private social networks for collaboration

Truth be told, the current web is strongly focused in social with sharing and collaboration as one of the most sought-after values in a web application. If you like the idea of sharing stuff with friends and co-workers but need just a little more privacy than the offered by apps like Twitter, Facebook and Google what-was-that-name-oh-yeah-plus, read on to discover 5 private social networks that might have gone under your radar.

Best web design resources of August 2011

It's resource time and here's the August round up that left a plethora of responsive and HTML5 resources, like a responsive grid with golden proportions, HTML5 Boilerplate 2, fluid width videos, images and even responsive sliders. Read on! Golden Grid System GGS is a foundation CSS and HTML pack to build your own responsive… Continue reading Best web design resources of August 2011

Best web design resources of July 2011

A little late, yes, but here's the July round up of some cool web design resources like a voting system for HTML 5 videos, an introduction to HTML 5 canvas, why Google doesn't take meta keywords into account, free icons and more. General Resources Vote on HTML 5 videos with jQuery A nice system… Continue reading Best web design resources of July 2011

20 single page websites for products

The product landing pages have been streamlined over the years to be simple yet providing a compelling experience to the potential buyer. The examples exhibited here showcase the product in one single page where buyers can find information about the product, testimonials, social proof and of course, a big fat button to buy the product!… Continue reading 20 single page websites for products

Moleskine in the iTunes App Store

Moleskine launched their official app in Apple's App Store. You can add notes, images or sketches and notes can be shared, geotagged or emailed. But is it good? I downloaded it last night on the iPad (at the same time I bought Blogsyapp) and personally, to my surprise, I found that it's not good. You'd… Continue reading Moleskine in the iTunes App Store

Easy blogging for iPad: Blogsy Blogsy is a very interesting app for bloggers who want to work on the go with the iPad. It makes use of gestures and the overall touch environment to convey a great tool for blogging integrating it with a variety of web services and blogging platforms. Its integration with Flickr, Picasa and YouTube makes… Continue reading Easy blogging for iPad: Blogsy

How to detect iPhone browser natively in WordPress

WordPress has embraced the mobile revolution from the first moment. We have apps for iOS or Android and all the WordPress blogs can be accessed in iPad format. We also have in WordPress core a variable to detect if the user is visiting the site using an iPhone device. In this tutorial we will learn… Continue reading How to detect iPhone browser natively in WordPress

10 alternative browsers for iPad

What was supposed to be a simple search for a simple browser for iPad that would allow for HTML inspection turned into something pretty interesting due to all the capabilities these browsers for iPad have, from Dropbox saving to tabs to collaboration and of course, source code inspection. So here's a quick round up of… Continue reading 10 alternative browsers for iPad

20 Apps for Project Management

Project management resources

A while ago, we posted a list of some interesting alternatives to Basecamp for project management. A lot of readers posted their favorite applications and some of their own start ups on project management. So here's a follow up list of the 20 hottest web applications for project management. Apollo The first spot is for… Continue reading 20 Apps for Project Management