How micro frontends can make or break app development

Micro frontends are an architecture inspired by microservices proposing that web apps can be build and thought of as a composition of smaller apps, each one specialized in a certain feature and owned by a team that focuses in the feature offered. Since they're independent apps, this also means that they can be built using… Continue reading How micro frontends can make or break app development

Monitor the media queries of your responsive theme in WordPress

With responsive design gaining more momentum every day and WordPress as the most popular CMS around it is only natural to develop more tools to ease our life developing with it. Here you'll find a simple tool so you can always keep an eye on which media query is currently in use in WordPress, using… Continue reading Monitor the media queries of your responsive theme in WordPress

3D with HTML 5 canvas and CSS transforms

Intro to CSS 3D transforms Tiler3D 3D starfield with HTML 5 three.js Amazing basic to hardcore examples Cloud Carousel Libraries jCanvas jQuery Canvas Toolkit

Web Design Resources – November 2011

It's been a little quiet here lately, but here's our monthly digest of web design tools, resources, articles and inspiration for November 2011. Kern Type Learn the basics of kerning with this simple online game. Free font from FontShop for iOS FontShop started offering fonts that are specifically hinted and optimized for iOS… Continue reading Web Design Resources – November 2011

Best web design resources of July 2011

A little late, yes, but here's the July round up of some cool web design resources like a voting system for HTML 5 videos, an introduction to HTML 5 canvas, why Google doesn't take meta keywords into account, free icons and more. General Resources Vote on HTML 5 videos with jQuery A nice system… Continue reading Best web design resources of July 2011

Best web design resources of June 2011

Here's the round up of fresh web design resources for June 2011! we have icon sets, CSS3 tools, web typography, Chrome Extensions for Google Web Fonts and WordPress resources. General web design Mobile app mockups Mokk is a simple but effective web app to quickly mock... well, other web apps. Mokk focuses on mocking… Continue reading Best web design resources of June 2011