Web Design Resources – November 2011

It's been a little quiet here lately, but here's our monthly digest of web design tools, resources, articles and inspiration for November 2011. Kern Type http://type.method.ac Learn the basics of kerning with this simple online game. Free font from FontShop for iOS http://www.fontshop.com/freefonts FontShop started offering fonts that are specifically hinted and optimized for iOS… Continue reading Web Design Resources – November 2011

Design & illustration by Bonnie Clas

Bonnie Clas is a talented designer based in New York with a portfolio full of gorgeous lettering artworks and illustrations. She currently works as a freelance designer at Oak New York/Apartment One, a branding agency located in Brooklyn. Habana Typeface You can get the Habana font from Lost Type by paying what you want or simply for… Continue reading Design & illustration by Bonnie Clas

20 single page websites for products

The product landing pages have been streamlined over the years to be simple yet providing a compelling experience to the potential buyer. The examples exhibited here showcase the product in one single page where buyers can find information about the product, testimonials, social proof and of course, a big fat button to buy the product!… Continue reading 20 single page websites for products

Ampersand in the AppStore

Although it's simply a showcase app, the gorgeous ampersands collected are worth the download. It's free, so why not? Here's a screenshot The app shows the normal variant when the iPad is in portrait orientation and the italic variant when you tilt and put the iPad in landscape orientation. It's a tiny detail that makes… Continue reading Ampersand in the AppStore

The artwork of BRUTE! Propaganda

Aidan Hughes is the talented illustrator behind BRUTE! Propaganda, an illustration studio and shop with some strikingly powerful images. BRUTE! Propaganda is based in Czech Republic and offers illustration services, but in addition, you can also purchase prints of artwork at the shop. The work has obvious influences from russian constructivism art, but Aidan states… Continue reading The artwork of BRUTE! Propaganda

Random Inspiration: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is the latest movie from director Zack Snyder, who took Frank Miller's 300 to the big screen in an epic and memorable adaptation. This last movie is a fantastic recreation of a fantasy world mixing an anime theme with Matrix, 300, Kill Bill and Moulin Rouge, with an awesome score including songs from… Continue reading Random Inspiration: Sucker Punch