How to create GitHub issues 5 times faster

Create GitHub issues faster

GitHub issues are fantastic to track new features or bugs, who is assigned, categorize them, adding to projects and so on. At the same time, they're also quite slow to create and creating a bunch of them consumes too much time. I was tired of the slow process of creating a GitHub issue manually, so I built a free open source app to make the process much faster.

Firefox Aurora introduces native developer tools

Firefox Aurora, the Firefox releases channel with the newest innovations now includes the new development tools so developers can inspect and tweak a web page's HTML and CSS, accessing console, logs and even a nice feature called Scratchpad, to write JavaScript on the fly and execute it. For a long time most developers relied on… Continue reading Firefox Aurora introduces native developer tools

Best web design resources of July 2011

A little late, yes, but here's the July round up of some cool web design resources like a voting system for HTML 5 videos, an introduction to HTML 5 canvas, why Google doesn't take meta keywords into account, free icons and more. General Resources Vote on HTML 5 videos with jQuery A nice system… Continue reading Best web design resources of July 2011

CSS Pattern Generator and Gallery

There is a lot of hype around CSS patterns nowadays, now that we can add gradients or use transformations, even if sometimes it's only for Webkit. Here we have a pattern generator and a CSS 3 patterns gallery where you can view and download them. CSS Pattern Generator Patternify is a nifty tool created by… Continue reading CSS Pattern Generator and Gallery

CSS 3 Gradients Generator

Colorzilla, best known for the Firefox extension to pick colors in a web page, released an excellent tool to create cross browser CSS 3 gradients with a polished interface and the ability to upload images to create the gradients. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator makes it really easy to create gradients by not only providing a slick… Continue reading CSS 3 Gradients Generator