CSS 3 Gradients Generator

Colorzilla, best known for the Firefox extension to pick colors in a web page, released an excellent tool to create cross browser CSS 3 gradients with a polished interface and the ability to upload images to create the gradients. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator makes it really easy to create gradients by not only providing a slick… Continue reading CSS 3 Gradients Generator

20 Apps for Project Management

Project management resources

A while ago, we posted a list of some interesting alternatives to Basecamp for project management. A lot of readers posted their favorite applications and some of their own start ups on project management. So here's a follow up list of the 20 hottest web applications for project management. Apollo The first spot is for… Continue reading 20 Apps for Project Management

Create your mood boards with Olioboard

This app must have been around for some but it was not only until today that I discovered. Olioboard is a web app to create your own design mood boards, specifically targeted to interior designers. It's free and there are already a lot of incredibly beautiful and inspiring mood boards. Olioboard features a drag and… Continue reading Create your mood boards with Olioboard

Exploring new input types in HTML 5

HTML 5 is not only about the endless possibilities of the <canvas> element or the awesome multimedia support with the <video> tag. HTML 5 offers a wide new range of input types for specific situations, such as url, email, date, etc. In this post we will explore these new HTML 5 input types, along with… Continue reading Exploring new input types in HTML 5

Using WordPress to build iPhone and Facebook apps

Brad Williams, CEO of WebDevStudios recently spoke at WordCamp Philly showing how they used WordPress as the platform for an iPhone and a Facebook application. You can see the slides below: http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=spooky-wordpress-final-101031161712-phpapp02&stripped_title=spooky-wordpress-disturbingly-brilliant-uses-of-wp-5628086&userName=williamsba Watch the presentation on SlideShare Spooky WordPress: Disturbingly Brilliant Uses of WP