Pocket guide to HTML5 and Video

There's currently a lot of hype on the web regarding HTML 5 and its relationship with open (or not) standards video. Ogg, Theora, WebM, Vorbis, VP8. All these new terms are part of these new world of possibilities brought by HTML 5 and the inclusion of the video tag. In this guide we will explore how to encode a video in a format suitable for HTML 5 delivery, how to insert this video in our web page and what are the video players currently available.

10 alternatives to Basecamp

Basecamp might be the most commonly used platform for project management. However, since its inception, many other solutions have been created offering almost all the features available on Basecamp at a very low price or free at all in both hosted or self-hosted versions. From Gantt charts to iPhone apps to track your projects, these project managers have it all.